Gantry Robots

Fuji Gantry Robots have a double action mechanism reducing the height of the robot while maintaining high-performance speeds. The robot consists of two arms (primary and secondary), with the secondary arm being a 2:1 geared extension of the primary arm. With this design, for every movement of the primary arm, the robot hand located at the end of the secondary arm travels twice the distance at a rate of 3,937 IPM.

  • Fuji’s FCS (Flexible Control System) Controller maximizes output levels of machining cells
  • FCS Robot Controller with Teach Pendant is preprogrammed and is designed to automatically calculate presets
  • Traverse rates of 3,937 IPM
  • Fuji Robots use an absolute scale for reference
  • Robot Model L672-H L676-H L672-B
    Robot chuck stroke (dia) 18, 25, 40mm 18, 25, 40mm 30, 50mm
    Carrying capacity 5 kg + 5 kg 5 kg + 5 kg 10 kg + 10 kg
    Traverse range 2175 mm 3690 mm 4970 mm
    Traverse speed 132 m/min 60 m/min
    Up-down range 660 mm 750 mm 880 mm
    Up-down speed 66 m/min 42 m/min
    Hand rotation 90 degrees index 360 degrees rotation (one direction)
    Applicable machine TN-35TL TNW-35TR TNW-45TR
    • Specifications are subject to change without notice.