Lean Manufacturing Methodology

Fuji's line flow examples consist of systems that are customized to meet your exact manufacturing demands. Fuji engineers first learn all they can about a customer's application and then provide the best engineering solution. Based on decades of experience and a commitment to reaching process perfection, using robot-integrated machine tools, our solutions support a lean manufacturing approach. This approach dictates that all operations are coordinated to produce a completed part, and that product is ready to be shipped as close as possible to when the costs of manufacturing are incurred. Fuji self-contained automation makes these line flow machines ideal for re-tooling, for use as stand-alone units or to perform in varying combinations.

Fuji machining cell with workpiece samples and headline stating one source automation
Fuji line flow example
Fuji line flow example
Illustration of Fuji machining cell and internal components of machine
Line drawing of Fuji machining cell and internal components of machine
Image of text stating Fuji Robots lead the way